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Music Vid Archive 2

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Viddies! =D

Be A Man

The non-military types are on the hard path to becoming men under John Sheppard's leadership. Humour vid.

Size: 6.62mb
Duration: 3:25
Music: a song from Mulan (guess which one)


On the Drug

Souped up on the delightful Wraith enzyme, anyone can go a little loopy. Or start writhing in pain. Either one. Not really humour, but I guess it's not entirely serious. Dedicated to my Dad who suggested the song.

Size: 6.51mb
Duration: 2:30 minutes
Music: (He'll Never Be An)Ol' Man River by TISM


Weird Science

Catch the dangerous duo in action as they meddle with nature and prize science over life. They seem innocent enough, but they have a hidden agenda. Introducing Evil!Rodney and Evil!Beckett. Humour vid, I think.

Size: 6.66 mb (hmm, how odd)
Duration: 3:52 minutes
Music: Weird Science by Oingo Boingo


Nothing says "I digress" like Immunity.